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HOWTO: Install a Center Shoulder Belt

Note: In 2003, GM changed the back seat to a 60/40 split design and included a center shoulder belt so this article applies only to the 95-02 J-Body.

This text was taken from Stuart's post on j-body.org.

It's actually an easy mod to do.

All you need is a seatbelt assembly from your dealer...just take the interior trim colour code so that you get the right one. (same unit for left and right side, so order either.)

Remove rear side panels and rear seat....un-bolt the stock lap belt and bolt the new seatbelt to floorpan in same location.

Remove rear shelf and locate existing holes...the retractor has a tab at the front which fits perfectly in the first hole, the back of the retractor has a large hole for the bolt, you'll have to drill through the shelf to insall that. (drill up from inside the trunk)

Because the new retracor sits about 1" above the rear shelf, you'll have to cut a hole out of the particle board.....i used new automotive upholstry material and re-covered mine with a "hump" to cover the new belt retractor.

I went to the scrap yard and found a wrecked cavy. was able to get 1 of the rear seatbelt guide plates to finish off the opening where the belt goes into the retractor.

Easy as that.

The belt pulls down out of the way when the rear seat is folded and is comfortable to wear too

stu :-)

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