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The Rallyrific Roof Scoop

I've always said that I think a roof scoop would be very cool but only if it's functional. I've seen countless ones at car shows, none of which are functional, and all of which make me just shake my head and think the owner must be a tool.

There's two reasons to have a roof scoop and only one applies to our cars. Obviously if you've got a mid or rear engine car, you can use it for engine air intake.

Otherwise, they're used to bring fresh air into the cabin such as most rally cars have. This would be the function on our cars and doesn't have to be difficult to create.

Basically you need it to draw air in and you need a way to seal it up.

As anyone who's ever had a leaky sunroof knows though, sealing it isn't a trivial task. That will be a challenge in itself.

As for drawing air in; well that's not really trivial either. Unless you've got some way of modelling airflow before you go cutting into your roof, the end result is going to be a crap-shoot. If all goes well, you could get nice air circulation along the roof, down the back window, and throughout the car. Alternately, you could have a gale-force wind shooting straight down at your head.

In the end... if you want to do this, I say more power to you. If, however, you just want to slap a fake scoop on the roof like countless other ricers... well go ahead but don't act like you didn't expect it when people just make fun of it later.

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