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The Solitary Windshield Wiper

There are some excellent cars on the market today that use a single windshield wiper to great effect. Sport compacts, for the most part, are not included among them. With that in mind, many people get the idea to convert their car's dual wiper system to use a single blade. This in itself is not necessarily a bad idea but the implementation is a lot more complex than most of those who come up with it anticipate.

Basically, there are two ways to do this and I've only ever seen one done on a j-body. I'm sure this likely applies to plenty of other makes and models as well.

There's the ghetto-ricer method, where you remove the driver's side wiper and jimmy the passenger one to rest half-way up the windshield and sweep a part of the middle of it when you turn it on. You used to see that all the time and it's plain stupid.

Then there's the proper way, which I've never seen actually done.

This would involve making it work like the cars mentioned above where it rests below the windows and sweeps the full 180 degrees (or whatever, depending on where the pivot is) to cover as much area of the windshield as possible.

If you can piece that together, then by all means go to it and I among many will be quite impressed.

If you're going with the first method though, don't bother. It's not cool. It's not difficult or custom. It's just stupid and anyone who knows anything knows it's stupid. Don't be stupid.

Thankfully, I've seen much less of this in recent years as it seems to have gone out of vogue.

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